Body-Memory Therapy

Body-Memory Therapy

Body-Memory Therapy works with the cellular memory of the body and the primal, limbic part of the brain. Based on the principal that all life experiences are held in the body, it uses simple dialogue and bodywork to clear complaints of mental, emotional or physical origin and re-programme the body. Illness is often a language and the technique allows the voice behind the complaint to be heard, giving the symptoms no reason to persist. The ‘release and re-programming’ technique enables the body and mind to return to original health. One session can be very effective but three over a period of 3 to 4 months is recommended.

“Ultimately the body will rebel. Even if it can be temporarily pacified with the help of drugs…or medicine, it usually has the last word because it is quicker to see through self-deception than the mind. We may ignore or deride the messages of the body, but its rebellion demands to be heeded because its language is the authentic expression of our true selves and of the strength of our vitality”. Alice Miller – ‘The Body Never Lies’.


Practitioner:  Stina Richardson


It can help all complaints!

As the process is client-centred it works with what is presented, whether it be of mental, emotional or physical origin.

  • Reveal the language of illness. The technique of giving physical symptoms a voice can be key to recovery.
  • Clear disruptive behavioural symptoms. They can be signs that the body holds memory from the past that is affecting the present day. Anxiety, fear, depression, weight gain, addictions, whatever the sign of imbalance may be.
  • Bring clarity and closure to trauma from the past, whether relating to childhood, past relationships, or what you feel still has influence.
  • Manage personal relationships, family dynamics. The process helps increase personal awareness and provides insight into how we interact with others the ‘games’ people play.???
  • Bereavement, separation and divorce. The process allows you to speak to those who still influence you, bringing a sense of peace and closure.?
  • Improve productivity in work.

Note: This work is intended to support, not substitute medical care.

Body-Memory Therapy works through the layers of life. The results can be liberating and bring a profound sense of peace.

Single treatments are available, but a series are recommended for persistent ailments and deeper work. Discounts are given for 3 or 5 sessions.

2 Hour Session £110

“I made more progress in a two hour Body-Memory Therapy consultation than 8 years of therapy.” — SM, London

“Working with the Limbic Imprint has helped me gain a deeper awareness of myself and live a more fulfilling life. ” — SL, London 2011

“I met Stina after being diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) and travelling a long and winded road of prescriptions and frustration. The therapy sessions were immediately revealing. I never expected to learn so much about the mind – body connection and how they relate to our well-being. With Body-Memory Therapy, I can continue strengthening my health with less dependency on medication.” — YV, London 2011

“Body-Memory Therapy is life-changing….left me feeling entirely different about myself and the world. It has made me so passionate about life and I now have the tools to clear what I don’t want to feel anymore. I recommend it to everyone, as we all carry something in one form or other.” – MT, Belgium 2010

“Body-Memory Therapy has helped me through my divorce. It has helped clarify blurred boundaries and given me the strength to become independent. It helped me in the ‘grieving’ process and release feelings of anger, confusion and hurt that at the time seemed overwhelming and would have likely lead to exhaustion. I feel stronger and make clear decisions as I am not clouded by my feelings. It has helped me progress in my personal journey and avoid stress-related illness.” – BP, London 2011