teaches techniques to achieve a relaxing and stress-free birth. The mother will learn the art of using her natural instincts to call upon her body’s endorphins, which can lessen or eliminate discomfort and the need for medication during birth. She will learn how to be profoundly relaxed but aware and fully in control.

HypnoBirthing® is based on the principle that during birth the
mother’s mind and body can work in harmony. Through deep
relaxation, special breathing and visualisation techniques,
HypnoBirthing® teaches her how to trust her body and work with it, dissolving any fear and uncertainty that can lead to tensed muscle and result in pain.

Benefits of HypnoBirthing®

  • Increases your baby’s wellbeing, as measured by the ‘Apgar Test’(a measure of how well your baby is doing immediately after birth)
  • Promotes successful breastfeeding
  • Reduces fatigue during labour
  • Reduces labour itself by several hours
  • Reduces the risk of tearing and pelvic- floor damage
  • Almost eliminates the risk of interventions like induction,
  • anaesthesia, Caesarian or episiotomy

What’s involved?

a series of classes in which your birth
companion learns to be a support, rather than an onlooker.

You will both learn;

  • The medical facts about birth
  • Techniques to increase endorphin production to naturally reduce pain
  • Deep relaxation and calm breathing methods
  • Optimal birthing positions
  • Nutrition and pregnancy
  • And more…

“HypnoBirthing® kept me feeling calm and in control throughout labour. The contractions were not a problem. I felt I had the tools to have the stress-free, calm birth I had hoped for”. KW, London.


Practitioner:  Stina Richardson


Classes are informal and run every month, either as a series of four evening sessions or over two Sundays. Both contain the same information and amount to a total of twelve and a half hours.  Group courses £265 per couple / Private £300

Attending the class you will receive:

  • HypnoBirthing® Book
  • Birth Affirmation & Rainbow Relaxation CD
  • Outline for Birth Plan
  • Various relevant literature
  • Ongoing support by phone/email until birth
  • Meet other couples and enjoy class reunions